Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn Leaves

My sister had a funraiser she was running for her children's school.  She asked me if I'd make some cookies for her to auction off.  I am not sure what they will fetch, hopefully more that the postage to ship them.

It usually takes me two or three batches to make a new design look half descent.  I didn't have enough time to do that so I had to send the first draft.  I am pretty happy with them, although I can see several flaws, but maybe this is a design that is worth working on a little bit more.
I think the Sunflowers turned out pretty cool. I like the polka dots on the leaves from all the designs, This isn't an original design, I have seen a similar designs on other sites.


  1. Thanks! I enjoy making the cookies I am glad some people like them!