Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cookies from Valentines Day 2011

Here is an assortment of Valentine cookies I came up with for Valentine's Day 2011. I am selling these cookies to family and friends and perhaps will expand to general sales on the Internet in the near future. I posted some pictures of my initial cookie designs on Facebook and here on my blog, and many of my friends have encouraged me to try to sell them. I have really enjoyed making these and hope you enjoy my pictures. I will in the near future give some instruction on how I made these.

Above is a box of assorted Valentine cookies. There are both regular sugar cookies and chocolate cookies. They are decorated with royal icing.
This is one of my favorite pictures, taken by my friend and owner of Redbean Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you get a chance check our her site she has some wonderful pictures and has some very interesting blogs. This is one of her children holding one of my Ladybug flower cookies. I love his little hands on the cookie. Thanks for the great picture.
Here is one of the heart cookies with the center cut out in a heart shape. Hearts in royal icing in different shades of pink decorate this cookie.
Here is one of my favorite designs, a white heart with a border of pink hearts in different shades and polka dots in the middle. This is a chocolate cookie.
Here are some of the smaller heart cookies with polka dots. Pink, white and lavender.
A variety of the cookies.
Sugar cookie with white heart background and a heart border.
Here is a heart cookie decorated with several ladybugs. The border got messed up, but I was pretty happy with the way the ladybugs turned out.
Flowers with Ladybugs. I really think the Ladybugs turned out pretty cool.

Broken Hearts. :-(

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